Sunday, September 6, 2015

Client Intake and Analysis

Nowadays so many people are concentrating on getting people in and out as fast as they can that one of the most important parts of the service is neglected: the client intake and analysis. It may be old but the following excerpt from the Nailbasics/Nail Knowledge Newsletter in August/September 2001 details this procedure perfectly:
Before performing a service on a client that is sitting at your station for the first time, a thorough analysis of the individuals needs should be the primary task at hand. These first few minutes of your nail service can be the most valuable. Correct analysis of the natural nail structure and shape will enable you to recommend and perform a treatment that will best fill your client’s needs.
Look at and touch the client’s fingertips, cuticles, and nail plates, assessing the condition of each area. Specific recommendations can then be made: skin treatment, cuticle and nail care, and of course nail treatments. Listen to what your client has in mind – she did book this appointment for the results she expects that you can provide. Ask questions about her lifestyle and activities; what are her goals for her nails? A good analysis is one in which the client hears an evaluation of her nails, discusses the remedies and agrees to the recommendations.
Your credibility as a professional is enhanced when you are able to effectively meet all your clients’ needs. By listening, evaluating, and recommending the appropriate services and products, you can expect to retain all of your present clientele while growing your business through word of mouth.