Monday, September 7, 2015

UV and LED Lamps - Part 2

Excerpted from…/the-difference-between-led-and-uv… - there is a great comparison image here as well
All light is categorized by its different wavelengths. Ultraviolet light occurs from roughly 100 nm. to 400 nm., with UV light further broken up into groups A, B, and C. A key note to understand is that ***LED lights are actually UV lights also***, because they emit light that is within the UV spectrum. Gels need photoinitiators in them to activate the other molecules and turn the gel into a hard plastic. The majority of clear or lightly pigmented photoinitiators on the market today become activated in wavelengths that are outside of the typical wavelengths that LED lamps emit. So because CFLs (our usual "UV" lamps) have a broader wavelength output, they are typically more effective at curing most clear gels. LED's emit light in a narrower range than CFL's but at a higher concentration and cure gels that are formulated to work with LED lamps faster (though not necessarily as thoroughly.) Photo-initiators (used to cure gel nail products) are most effective at a specific bandwidth. Because of the different band of wavelengths, the same chemistry that photo-cures in UV may not work with LED. Different photo-initiators may be needed in a gel to cure in a UV lamp versus an LED lamp
*In short, only use the specific lamp recommend by the UV gel manufacturer. They will know which UV (or LED) lamp they have tested and determined is suitable to properly cure their products. No UV curing product will properly cure with any nail lamp, so don't be fooled by those who are just selling a nail lamp or pretending that any lamp will work or those who pretend that wattage is important. And don't just use LED-Style UV nail lamps because they are new. The UV gel must be specifically designed for use with LED-style UV nail lamps. Don't guess, use the correct lamp to ensure your health and safety, as well as that of your clients. Many NT's develop allergies because they don't properly cure their products. Don’t let this happen to you or your clients. (comment by Doug Schoon)