Sunday, September 13, 2015

What the heck are hybrid nails?

Hybrid: noun - a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture

Simply put, hybrid nails are a combination of different types of systems.  There is no standard definition in the nail industry as to what type of products are being mixed.  Which means if someone says they want hybrid nails, it could mean just about anything and you will need to ask questions to find out exactly what they are talking about.

Some examples of hybrid nails:
  • CND Shellac: Markets itself as a UV Gel - Nail Polish hybrid
  • Tip and Dip systems: a hybrid of wrap and acrylic systems; uses resin and powder to create an enhancement. 
  • AcryGel/Powder Gel:  (not to be confused with gel powder which is just clear acrylic) - this is a hybrid of UV Gel and Acrylic. It is similar to a tip and dip system except instead of resin there is a thin UV gel and instead of dipping, you spoon on the powder.  Le Chat and Star are two well known brands.
  • Nuni Torres Method [I don't know what else to call these :)] Instagram star and Boss Nails tv show alum, Nuni, uses a thinner acrylic layer on the nail bed and then sculpts the tip with Gel, going over the acrylic on the nail bed with the gel as well.

Have I missed any other types of hybrid nails you have come across?  Comment below!