Monday, September 7, 2015

“Powder Gel”

I will be honest, I have a hard time talking about this subject without going on a rant. Since this blog is about facts, this is going to be short and sweet. But feel free to add your own opinions and comments below!
In recent years the term “Gel Powder” or "Powder Gel" has cropped up into the nail industry. Professional nail technicians know that a “gel” nail is called that because the form of the product is a gel, like hair gel.
There are two main products that are touted as “powder gel”. One product is truly a UV Gel that an inert powder is sprinkled into before curing. The second product termed “Gel Powder” is, pure and simple, clear acrylic powder. It is called “Gel Powder” because it is clear like gel, not because it bears any resemblance to gel or is UV cured. 
Salons who use these terms do so because:  
  1. The manufacturer is selling the product as such and  
  2. Their “usual” acrylic color is a milky color and not clear at all
As a professional, I encourage you to not denigrate a salon who uses the term because they may be buying the product labelled as such, however clients need to be educated that Gel does not come in powder form - it is scientifically impossible.